Hard Metal

Flat Lay 1: Mink Pink Neolithic Goddess Necklace/ Topshop Basic tee/ Sportsgirl Sunglasses/ Lipstick Clogs
Flat Lay 2: Mink Pink Sunrise Necklace/ Topshop basic tee/ Mink Pink Save Ferris Sunglasses/ Lipstick Clogs

I havent posed a flat lay in awhile so I thought this would be the perfect oppurtunity as I have not been able to get a shoot done, between working and my social schedule...
I received these two fabulous necklaces during the week and I am very much in love. I think its time to put away the cloth and beaded neckpieces and try something a little heavier/ bold as winter is now fast approaching. I am going to wear theses necklaces with basic tops and dresses, so as to make the necklace the statement piece.


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