Zara Suit Jacket/ Bassike White silk tee/ Bam Bam Galaxy Leggings/ Lovissa Metal Neck Piece/ Sportsgirl Boots/ Michael Kors Watch/ Sabo Skirt Bracelets/ Joy peace Bracelet/ Asos fine Cross Bracelet

I am currently scouring everywhere for different printed leggings, I love the versatility and so many ways you can wear them. The beauty about printed leggings is you can dress them up with an amazing open toe stiletto or completely dress them down to a 'dirty grunge' kind of look, which is my favourite. I have made this a new style, well my style, as friends of mine have asked me lately  what my style is and after thinking about it and not having a specific fashion term I came up with "dirty grunge". so in saying that printed leggings fit into my style perfectly. Definately go out and try this look and walk around in your 'personality pants', the crazier the better. Remember to keep it simple/basic up top with plain tops and jackets.


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Denim Blues

Asos Black Skinnies/ Sportsgirl Denim Shirt/ Tony Bianco 'Alexa' Boots/ Bvlgari Rose Gold ceramic ring/ Swatch Watch

Denim is a natural staple in anyone's wardrobe, its like a good basic black/white top it can be paired with just about anything for summer or winter. I have to say I haven't played around with the double denim look, but I think my next shoot i'm going to pair my new ripped boyfriend jeans with this denim shirt. Stay on the lookout for it and till then get out there and get yourself a demin/chambray shirt and start mixing it into your wardrobe


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 Topshop Skull Rebel Tee/ ASOS Skinny Black Jeans / Tony Bianco 'Alexa' Boots/ CC Skye Bracelet/ Sportsgirl Headband/ Vintage Princess bag

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with skulls at the moment, anything with a skull printed on it and I insantly want it. There is a trend emerging at the moment with every blogger and off duty model adoping a vintage rock look, which I am really embracing. I like the thought of heading back to the 90's when Pearl Jam and Nirvana tee's were in with ripped faded black jeans and Dr Martens. Not only is it dark and cool, it moves away from ladylike dressing, finding a more androgynous feel! If you regularly follow my posts, you would know that I favour wearing black and like a bit of a dirtier, sexier edge to my look.


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