Racey Lacey

ASOS Lace Dress/Michaela Menichelli Bag/ Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch/ ASOS Floral Heels

I know you never catch me in a pretty dress so I thought 'theres no time like the present!'

I think my aversion to dresses is that I feel like they make me look too girlie? All of you who read my blog and follow me on instagram know I love, love, love, my 'dirty grunge' look, a little dirty, a little pretty, a little grungy, but totally me! So when I found this amazing dress and shoes when researching ASOS online for dresses for my friends wedding I felt like I had hit the jackpot, as it fits my style to a tee and I'm pretty sure I cant rock into the wedding wearing a gunners tee and leather...or maybe??

This particular style of dress still fits my edgier look but still has a little 'pretty' mixed in! I love the 3/4 lace sleeves as it allows me to accessorize with bracelets and bangles and the Deep V back of the dress gives it a sexy throwback! So now I can feel comfortable and myself at the wedding which is always so important  :)