Noir et Blanc

Wearing: Topshop Black Tee/ Bonds Chunky Knit/ Helloparry Moment Wrap Skirt/ Wittner Bayard Heels/ Karen Walker 'Helter Skelter' Sunglasses

Yes, you are seeing me in another black and white ensemble....I cannot get enough, which I guess is not a bad thing as its so in season right now.
This was a rare sunny Melbourne day so I took the opportunity to get the pins out and shoot this amazing skirt from Hello Parry. Im not sure that any future posts going forward will have my legs out, its getting ridiculously cold here. I might be slightly exaggerating but I swear its the coldest its ever been!

Also have you noticed i'm not wearing my trusty Ray Ban Aviators! Yay, I have finally found something different in These Karen Walker beauties, very proud of myself   :)


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Busting out the Black and White

Wearing: Topshop Black Tee/ Junk Clothing Bustier/ ASOS Vintage Brady BF Jeans/ Wittner Bayard Heels/ Ray Ban Aviators

A simple colour palette goes so far in any ones wardrobe, and when I mean simple I mean blacks, whites, greys, denim etc. Its safe to say that any one of these colours/fabrics will go with just about anything you already have. Melbourne is definitely a mix of greys, whites and so much black, that in winter it is quite interesting to see how we coordinate our fashion wardrobes with each new winter season. Another talent that we have is layering, I don't think any other state in Oz knows how to layer as well as we do, hiding multiple layers and making it look more chic than snowman-like 
I have got to say I am loving the bustier over tees and long sleeved tops, the kind of  "Ive tried to look casual, but im definitely put together" look.
Anyway its something to think about and give it a go, experimenting :)


Photos: Nat Jane Photography