Pretty Baby

 Sportsgirl Blouse/ Warehouse Oversize Coat/ Sabo Skirt, Skirt/ ASOS Stilettos /Sportsgirl Necklace/ Ray Ban Aviators

Lucky the sun was out again this week in Melbourne, so I took the opportunity to get the pins out and absorb as much Vitamin D as I could, I think my body is in deficiency as of late, so I road tested my new skirt from sabo skirt. Floral is still very much in at the moment and if you haven't got on board as yet there is still time to do so, as only the other day I opened up the current issue of British Vogue and saw another editorial featuring florals.

This post is a little unlike me, if you do read my blog posts regularly you know that I favour the darker, edgier look that I have affectionately called 'dirty grunge' but i thought I might do the 'pretty' look and see if it suited....LOL. What do you think? 



Will you be my Boyfriend?

 ASOS Boyfriend Jeans/ SABO SKIRT Jumper/ ASOS Harlot StilettoMichael Kors Rose Gold WatchRay Ban Aviators / ASOS Spike Bracelet

Will you be my Boyfriend, that is the million dollar question! No, currently I am wearing these jeans to death as they are super comfy and are such a nice alternative to snug as a bug super skinnies. So easy to wear casualy or dressed up, I have opted for a casual/dressy look in this shot just to confuse you, but in all honesty you can wear these with pretty much anything and they are fool proof to style. Just roll the bottoms up in a small cuff add the jumper/shirt/singlet/oversized tee and away you go! My fave combos are knitted jumpers/heels or oversized shirts/ Hi-top Kicks. ASOS are selling the amazing pair that I am wearing and they are so cheap, click the link above and it will take you to the site...


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Wish Upon....

 Wish Premonition Dress / Witchery Knit/ Topshop Ambush Boots / Ray Ban Aviators / Michael Kors Watch

Finally the Sun came out in Melbourne! I was honestly wandering what was going on lately, so wet and miserable, it has been hard to motivate myself to get out and about, let alone stand in freezing winds trying to get outfits shot for you all. :)
The gorgeous ladies from Wish, Madeline and Rosemary sent me this printed to perfection 'premonition dress' . I know its a maxi and maxi dresses are meant to be for summer, but this is such an easy way to style maxi's for winter. Any oversize jumper can be thrown on over the top to achieve a classic boho look, perfect for any winter day. Just remember to keep it simple up top with basic jumpers. I know so many of you have plenty of maxi dresses in your wardrobe, so why not try this look and save some cash for the divine Proenza Schouler PS 11 bag  that I am saving for and must have.....now!

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                                                              Shop Proenza Schouler HERE


Dark Shadows

Topshop Leather Biker Jacket / Sportsgirl Tee/ All About Eve Leggings/ Topshop Aerobic Hi-Tops/ White Wolf Trucker Cap / Tiffany Dove Necklace/ Michael Kors Watch / ASOS Spike Bracelet / Sabo Skirt tiny skull Ring/ Magali Pascall Rose gold thin ring

Im very much embracing my new defined style of "dirty grunge' so when the fabulous guys from label White Wolf sent me this Trucker cap I was wrapped as it suits my look down to a tee.  I have been hunting around the the 'right' leopard print pants for so long, as i think one can walk a very fine line between trashy and fashionable. I found these baby's at a store I happend to walk past and to my excitement they are woolen, which makes it that much better as I am in Melbourne and this 'cold snap' that we are experiencing is literally killing my life, I am always chilled to the bone!

Note: White Wolf is a Melbourne Based label which has just launched their online store. They are primarily guys apparel but they have great tees and accessories that girls can wear too, so take a look and support this great brand. 


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