Lets Hear it For the Girls

Sportsgirl Black Singlet/ JUNK Clothing Floral Skirt/ Friend of Mine Boots/ Ray Ban Aviators

There is nothing I love more than going out for drinks and dancing with my girls. Melbourne has so many great clubs and 'hole in the wall' bars to get lost in, the choices are endless.

I have a few regular haunts that I go to in Melbourne including Motel Nightclub in South Melbourne (my favourite), occasionally Baroq, Pawn & Co for cocktails and Naked for Satan in Fitzroy. 
These places are very different to each other so I will always plan ahead with the girls and then my outfit choice follows. 

There are some great trends for the autumn/winter season which anyone can adopt for a fashionable night out. Oxblood anything is the colour of the moment, on lips, skirts, dresses and leather. Winter Florals; these are florals with a darker colour palette and moodier tone. Pinstripes, camouflage and white are also very in season. So when outfit planning take this into account, start with a basic block colour and then add your favourite patten or print to it. 

In the above pic, I have teamed a basic black singlet with a floral A-line skirt and some stacked chunky boots, throw an oversized black suit jacket on my shoulders and I've got my outfit for the night! 

I can't stress enough that planning ahead is key for a successful night out. Look at Melbourne's fickle weather for the evening ahead and dress for YOUR 'comfort zone' there is nothing more appealing than seeing a woman wearing her outfit confidently!

Last before least, my most important tip is wear comfortable heels (roadtest before your night out) as there is nothing worse than walking out of a club/bar with your heels in hand and dirty feet and yes I am talking from experience, lol!   ;) 

Lis xx

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