All Day I Dream About....

Adidas Singlet/ Hunt No More silver pants/Lipstick Heels/ Sportsgirl Denim Clutch/ Rayban Aviators

Sport Luxxe....interesting word, can sport be luxury? UM....yes, totally and its a hot new trend to try at the moment, especially if you are a sporty type, as all you need to do is throw on a pair of printed jeans/leggings/harem pants a vintage sport singlet ie. Adidas/Nike which can be found at most sport shops and a pair of heels and you have the look. 

This Trend has been seen out in force in the last couple of months at all the major fashion festivals and by some of the biggest names in fashion. For myself I like to stay comfortable but still confident in what I wear and somewhat 'fashionable' so this look is one of my favourites.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and you are organised enough to have made a start on the xmas shopping list ...well at least for yourself anyway  :)



  1. adidas is my brand I like it very much because it is worth able to our cost

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  2. She looks so stylish and pretty in this pair. Love your handbag and the lipstick heels..:)
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  3. Comfortable and cute just how I like it!!


  4. she is looking so beautiful. so attractive.

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